Care For Relaxed Hair

Like I often say, Not Everyone would be on Natural/Virgin Hair and Not everyone would be on Relaxed Hair.

For Our Relaxed Hair Sisters, These here are some few proper hair care techniques for your hair..

1. Get a Professional To Do Your Hair.

Please get a Professional that won’t relax your scalp or the tips of your hair, but only the areas where you have new hair growth..

2. Get and Stick to a particular Relaxer that suits your Hair.

3. Give your hair some time before relaxing it again, 3-6 months is the perfect interval.

4. Use Products that are produce from Natural ingredients, to help reduce breakage, hair thinning and won’t strip off your natural hair oil.

At Joyous Naturale Beauty, our Hair Care Products are made from Natural ingredients, carefully formulated to suit your relaxed, virgin and dreadlocks hair.

Watch the short video for detailed tips

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